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R&D professionals have a tough job. They're expected to master new technologies ranging from robotics to bioelectronics while they wrestle with new regulations, workplace productivity, and tight budgets. The speakers in this track of conference sessions will share ways to triumph over these challenges. They'll cover new ideas in tech, strategies for bringing ideas to market faster, and other ways to win the research and development game.

Who Should Attend

  • R&D engineers and managers
  • Project and product engineers
  • Product development professionals
  • Design engineers
  • Chief technology officers

Top 5 Research & Development Sessions

Solving R&D Productivity Challenges
A company's R&D team has to stay ahead of technological advances. But sometimes companies slow R&D down by resisting new tech, tightening the R&D budget, and ignoring the group's importance. This session's panelists have fought for R&D, and they can help you lead your company into making it a top priority.

Innovative Biomaterial Solutions with Polyurethanes
Polyurethanes are attractive as biomaterials, because the body accepts them easily and they range from hard and rigid to soft and pliable. Ajay Padsalgikar, senior principal scientist for global innovation at DSM Biomaterials, examines innovations for polyurethane in long-term implants, drug-delivery systems, and other uses.

Resolving Early Design and Testing Issues by Addressing Contradictory Requirements
New medical devices have to meet high standards for maintenance, cleanliness, and other factors. But what if your product has to meet standards that contradict each other, like high tensile strength and high flexibility? Gen5 Group partner Len Malinin reveals how to resolve the contradictions using simple tools and compromise-based design methods.

Micromachined Resonators in Biomedical Sensing: Only a Matter of Time!
Microelectromechanical resonators are hard at work in chemical sensors, in biosensors, and most recently in zero-power smart sensors. Srinivas Tadigadapa, chair of Northwestern University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, shows how to get them onto the market quickly using new approaches to design.

Effectively Driving Successful R&D: Thinking Beyond the Silos
R&D teams that focus on technology can lose sight of their company's goal: serving the customer. How do you keep the team working on products that customers want? Consultant Susan Hsiong presents case studies and tips for keeping R&D heading toward the customer's needs and avoiding pitfalls that can derail the process.